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You say your parents are stressing you out. Running away introduces new stresses some of which are based on life and death, such as shelter from weather and food. There are also comfort and safety considerations such as much of what may be offered to you will be from people who will abuse you psychologically, sexually, and physically exploit you. It's likely that your parents have your wellbeing at their center. If they are abusing you it would be better to contact authorities in your area who could help resolve this situation without you having to risk your life to escape. Running is physically addictive, because the body releases endorphins (which is what some people call ‘runner’s high’ after a certain amount of consecutive running at appropriate speeds. At what point that amount is depends on the runner, but it's usually after a mile or so. That means that by running 2 or 3 miles per sitting, you get many times more endorphins than you would get by doing the same distance 1 mile at a time.