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Power supply should not be forgotten either. Assuming you have a good one in there now you can probably skip this one for a bit, but as you start throwing more money into your rig pick up a new PSU that’s Bronze, but preferably Gold + rated. You never want to worry about your PSU giving out on you. These aren’t that expensive either. You can spend thousands of dollars on upgrades, but before you do that I would consider spending 600 dollars on a new pc if your looking to just up everything in one go. This is affordable to most people and even if it takes you time to save up that much because you don’t have it right now that’s just more time for prices to drop and get it even cheaper. There are hundreds of budget builds so i’d recommend doing some research on it if that would interest you more. Most people don’t need their 2080s or 1080ti that they have, they just wanted them. You can get a great gaming experience for 600 bucks and have just as much fun on that as other people do on their God tier 3k dollar plus PCs. It all depends on what your playing and how deep your pockets are.